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How to deal with a fast Sellers’ Market

  • Set up a focused real-time home search

We know that today’s market absolutely requires that you be immediately aware of the opportunities which present themselves, in order to be quick to take action, before someone else does. That’s why we’ll set up – and manage according to your requirements – a customized online property search that alerts you (and us) in real time of properties that fit your desired features, location and price range.

Email Alerts

  • Register on this website or on one of our Agents’ Websites and perform a SEARCH and then SAVE IT. As long as you’ve registered and supplied your email address, that search will start automatically updating you…easy!
  • Contact us to request that we set up the Search Alert. We’ll be happy to set things up for you!

Smartphone App – our Clients’ Favorite!

  • Use your smartphone to click on
  • Text “REBYDAVID‘ to 256-743-8277
    You can then download the app and log in (logging in will allow the App to email you any new properties).
    You’ll be able to search by zip code or even draw on the map to specify the area you want to search in.


Why not use Zillow, Trulia or some other online resource, especially since they seem so easy to use?
Simple: these can be wrought with outdated or erroneous information, and once you make an inquiry, it will be sent to multiple agents, not because they know the home, the area or you, but because they pay to be on those portals…they are, essentially, “lead mills”.

We offer search tools that are as user friendly as these portals (if not more so), and that are drawing information directly from the Multiple Listing Service, so they provide factual and updated information every time. Also, they make it easier for you to inquire directly with us: the better we get to know your situation, requirements and desires, the better we can serve you, and the more confident and motivate we are to go the extra mile to get you in the right home!

Why use a local Real Estate Agent?

When it comes down to offering on a specific home, you’re not only choosing the amount to offer, but also the specific neighborhood you’ll be living in. Nothing can take the place of a thorough knowledge of the area, of what is the possible future of that neighborhood look like (for example, are there development plans by builders or by the local government?) and what is the price and market trend. Naturally, you are ultimately in charge of making your own decision; we are there to give you an informed perspective based on our awareness of the market.

Expertise in real estate contracts and negotiation

Knowing the process, disclosures, timelines and terms of real estate agreements is crucial in avoiding mishaps and leveraging your position when buying a home. We are experts in real estate contracts and can be you steadfast guide in navigating the process and in planning when, where and how to best negotiate and achieve the best outcome.

I highly recommend [Allegiant] as realtors and as investment consultants.

Working with David was a real pleasure. His knowledge and his communication skills were much appreciated. Read more “I highly recommend [Allegiant] as realtors and as investment consultants.”

John Balwit

[They] rank high above other realtors I’d worked with before.

I’ve worked with other realtors before, and [the Allegiant Realty Group] ranks high above all the others in my mind. Read more “[They] rank high above other realtors I’d worked with before.”

Lori Jones

Continued communication and support during listing and sale.

[they] provided immediate help to us by evaluating our home for sale…we have recommended them to friends. Read more “Continued communication and support during listing and sale.”

Robert Pittenger